About ME.

Thank you for shopping My Evolution! My name is Jennifer and I'm so happy you're here. 

My Evolution was birthed with the idea that self fulfillment and self evolution comes when you take the time to love and invest in yourself everyday. You are worthy and you are beautiful, and today I use my platform to share this message.

  As a busy wife and mother of two, work and family life often took precedence over taking care of myself, and I struggled with balance. Things started to change for me when I asked myself one question: What have you done for you lately?

 I started practicing self care, journaling and reading positive affirmations. I focused more on a natural wellness and beauty regimen and the importance of quality self care inside and out. I discovered the power of prioritizing time for myself, to feel better and stay uplifted. 


My brand, lovingly referred to as "ME" represents the celebration of SELF. I create all natural products and inspirational apparel, and give them empowering names as a reminder of how to love and be loved. Each product is made with love and intention, and is inspired by real life stories.


Thank you so much for your support!


With love,